An Introduction To Online Poker Room Rakeback

Rakeback is a relatively new offering that has come to online poker rooms through the last few years. In order to ensure that they are able to turn a profit to not only stay open but to expand operations to host more players and offer more variety, newer poker rooms take a cut of the pot that is generated from the buy in cost of each player.

What exactly is the rake?

This is called the rake, or a commission fee, and typically hovers around the 2.5% to 5% mark as an unwritten standard across the industry. In brick and mortal casinos, the dealer would physically remove chips from the pot before handing over the remainder to the player that won the hand. Online methods differ with incremental or lump sum takings by the digital dealer either between rounds or upon the conclusion of each hand.

In order to drive business, the poker rooms are willing to offer a rakeback to players that are referring business and keeping the seats at their digital tables full and earning them money. While this amount is generally around 30% of the 5% take that the room rakes in, it can seem to be an insignificant amount on the surface. Through either high limit or constant play, the income generated from this recruitment scheme can become quite impressive with some of the highest level players taking in upwards of $50,000 per year from their involvement.

While this does cut into the profits that the poker rooms see, it isn't a well advertised way for affiliates to bring in an income. Players at higher levels will already be aware that poker rooms would prefer a certain level of secrecy for this as it does remove a little of the base profits that they could be making. This is part of the larger overall goal of having all players directly registered with the site in order to bring all profits directly in without having to pay even a small amount out for the attention that prominent players bring to the table.

Before you head out into the wilds of the internet looking for a place to play your favourite casino table card game, make sure you're in the know. Canadian players can learn more about the ins and outs of online poker through with reviews of trustworthy poker rooms from around the world right here at

Online Poker Rooms

Rooms Rakeback Rating Review Visit
Bodog Bodog $1000 star-four review visiter
Uwin Uwin $0 star-three review visiter
Sports Interaction Sports Interaction $600 star-four review visiter
Poker Stars Poker Stars $600 star-two review visiter
888 888 $400 review visiter